20 September 2019
Euro Floorball Challenge

Leganes winner of men’s EuroFloorball Challenge

CUF Leganes (Spain) has won the men’s EuroFloorball Challenge (EFCh) 2019. With this victory, the team qualified for the 2020’s EuroFloorball Cup.


Five teams competed in the EFCh, but it wasn’t only until one of the last games before the top 2 met each other. Leganes play against FBC Lemberg (Ukraine) and didn’t even need to win the game, as a 1-goal difference loss would be sufficient to win the tournament.

Lemberg started off strong and managed to take the lead twice, at 0-1 and 1-2. In both cases, the tournament’s top scorer Marian Hrabovyk was involved (one goal, one assist). However, Leganes scored in between and managed to stop Lemberg from scoring a third goal.

Three teams with six points

With the 1-2 loss as a final result, Leganes had won the tournament. UFC Utrecht, Leganes and Lemberg all gained six points, but due to the rule of ‘goal differences of the matches between the tied teams’, Utrecht ended up at third place (goal difference -1), Lemberg at second spot (goal difference 0) and Leganes at first (goal difference +1).

Game statistics

0-103.38 Lemberg20. Taras Melko12. Marian Hrabovyk
1-121.54 Leganes32. Sergio Pazos 
1-223.03 Lemberg12. Marian Hrabovyk20. Taras Melko

All-Star Team

Goalkeeper: Ivan Martinez (CUF Leganes ESP)
Defender: Sergio Fuentes (CUF Leganes ESP)
Defender: Oleh Rubai (FBC Lemberg UKR)
Forward: Mikko Niiva (UFC Utrecht NED)
Centre: Marian Hrabovyk (FBC Lemberg UKR)
Forward: Carlos Abad (CUF Leganes ESP)

All-Star Team (Image: Philippe Rouinssard)

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