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World Record in Streamed Floorball Games?

In the second of three articles about the world’s largest floorball tournament, hosted in Uppsala, Sweden, Storvretacupen, we look at the massive number of streams that are broadcasted during this tournament.

All the games of Storvretacupen are streamed live by SolidSport and more games are streamed each year. Might this even be a world record in the number of streamed games?

All of the 9 642 goals scored during last years Storvretacupen could be seen online thanks for the fact the all the games from the world’s largest floorball tournament are streamed live. How many games have been streamed? Well, more and more.

2016/2017 – SolidSport streamed 1 369 games
2017/2018 – SolidSport streamed 1 953 games

And last year that number went up to an amazing 2088 games!

”If you can’t attend the games the streams are the perfect way to keep track of your players and teams during their days in Sweden” says SolidSport’s head of communication Mathias Lühr.

Besides being available live, everyone can also watch the games on-demand when they come home from the tournament or whenever they want to see the games. It is also possible to download the games and use them for tactics analyses or just enjoying them offline.

In the final article about Storvretacupen, we interview one of the many floorball superstars that have played in the cup, Henrik Stenberg, six-time Swedish Champion and four-time World Champion.

Check out more information about the world’s largest floorball tournament at storvretacupen.se

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