Author: Daniël Nicolai

COFOUNDER - Passionate about (playing and watching) floorball. Working on social media and match reports. Always looking for new ideas, improvements and creative ways to spread floorball. You'll read about it!
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Press release from F-Liiga The familiar Salibandyliiga brand becomes history today as it is time for F-Liiga. Also, all logos and colours have a new fresh look and Finland’s highest floorball league now has its own website apart from the Finnish Floorball Federation’s. The new F-Liiga will administer both men’s and women’s highest series which […]
  1. Announcements
(Featured image: Martin Flousek) The following article is from Floorballmag, who interviewed John Liljelund about the World Floorball Championships 2020 and COVID-19. So far the IFF had been publicly silent about impacts by COVID-19 on the coming Men’s WFC in Finland. Now Secretary General John Liljelund spoke to the Floorballmag about the situation. “Presently the […]
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