The team

COFOUNDER - Passionate about floorball; both playing and watching. Working on social media and match reports. Always looking for new ideas, improvements and creative ways to spread floorball. You'll read about it!

COFOUNDER - Dutch floorball fanatic who loves writing about floorball. My focus is on domestic leagues, results, product reviews and floorball lifestyle. If you have some comments or questions then I'd love to hear from you. I am also the nerd who keeps the website running, so if you have any problems, do contact me.

COFOUNDER - Floorball nerd and video editor from Sweden. I run the FloorballToday Youtube channel, work on the website's video section and write articles as well!

WRITER - Floorball writer from Sweden with a vast amount of knowledge about SSL and floorball products.

WRITER - Young floorball player from Slovakia who love not just playing floorball, but also watching games, writing articles and do the work around floorball world. My priority on FloorballToday is Czech Superliga, international competitions and social sites. For any questions or reminders contact me!

WRITER - Swiss floorball player and a rookie when it comes to writing articles. Mostly focussing on what happens in Swiss NLA.

WRITER - Floorball Analytics writes about the world of floorball statistics. With a different approach than most writers his contributions are worth reading!

Young floorball player from Slovakia who loves traveling and everything with floorball. My priority on FloorballToday is Czech Superliga and videos footage on events where we are.

Hi & Servus, I'm Max from Bavaria, Germany. I study marketing and play floorball in my free time. For me, floorball is the best sport ever, which is why I'm here at FloorballToday: To bring you fresh news about our favorite sport. Enjoy your stay!



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