The team

How it started

FloorballToday was founded in November 2015 by Anne-Jan – AJ – Hempenius and Daniël Nicolai. AJ had been studying in Sweden for 1,5 years and had become addicted to floorball at that time. Once he returned home, in the Netherlands, he figured it was nearly impossible to stay up-to-date with the SSL without being able to speak Swedish.

It was at that time he decided to start his own floorball news medium, FloorballToday. Daniël joined and together, they paid their first visit to a big floorball tournament: the World Floorball Championships 2015 in Tampere, Finland. FloorballToday had a clear mission: to give floorball the platform it deserves.

Our social media accounts have been growing ever since and floorball fans all around the globe still pay daily visits to our site. FloorballToday (helped by the guys from FGFloorball) is becoming one of the main sources of floorball news – and we’re still hungry to keep on growing.

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Want to know more about us? Below, you can find extra information about AJ and Daniël, FloorballToday’s team.

The team

Anne-Jan Hempenius

AJ has been playing floorball for eight years now. He’s located in Groningen, the Netherlands, but has also been living abroad during his studies. At FloorballToday, he is working as a writer but also takes care of the technical aspects, such as the (backend of the) website, banners, and plugins. Next to FloorballToday, AJ works as an interpreter.

Daniël Nicolai

Daniël started playing floorball in 2011, as a student in Groningen, the Netherlands. He studied Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Groningen. At the moment, he works two days per week for FloorballToday as a writer/journalist and three days per week as Communications Adviser in a private company.

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