Swiss National League A

Zorro king Johnsson misses the start of next NLA season due to surgery

Shortly before the start of the preseason, Swiss top club Wiler-Ersigen announced that Daniel Johnsson misses the start of next season due to a hip operation.

Johnsson is known as the Zorro king, as can be seen in this fantastic goal he scored during last season’s playoff series [article continues below video]:

The Swede has suffered from an injury during the past playoff series. His only floorball playing time happened during the games, as he was too injured to be able to train in between. During the lost superfinal, the injury struck again and Johnsson couldn’t play as much as he wanted.

Since the games, Johnsson has been trying to get a grip on the problems. Despite the help of a physiotherapist, no (major) improvement happened. After consulting a doctor, it was decided that only a hip operation will permanently fix the problem. Johnsson: “I will try to return as soon as possible. First of all, I hope now that the operation is going well. ” It’s unclear yet how long Johnsson needs to recover.

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