Zorro expert Ole Mossin Olesen: “Tackle if you want to stop a zorro from happening.”

You must have seen his fantastic goals of today. Ole Mossin Olesen, Norwegian forward and zorro expert, scored twice using his signature move. First, a free shot hit the net, followed by a zorro penalty shot. We asked him some questions.

How was the game against Denmark for you?
The game was obviously important for us, so it feels great with a victory.

About your own two goals, which one did you like more: the free hit or the penalty shot?
I have to say the free hit!

When did you start practicing your zorro move and how often do you think you’ve scored with it?
It started early actually, and I watched movies with Janne Tähkä (like this, FT) to learn his moves. I score with it once every four matches more or less, it’s hard to tell.


What do you think would be the best way for a defender to stop a player from scoring with a zorro move?
You have to be close to him, in this situation. And tackle!

What game are you looking forward the most this WFC and which opponent do you hope to meet later on?
Meeting the Czech Republic in the quarterfinal, that would be my choice!

Ole Mossin Olesen (#10) celebrating a goal (Image: IFF)
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