WFC 2016

Yes, we did it! Watch the FUNNIEST pictures of the WFC

With the dozen of photographers present at the WFC it was just a matter of time before the first funny picture was taken. Below the funniest pictures taken on the WFC! Enjoy! This list features pictures taken from the IFF Flickr.



Well… if that isn’t Valtteri Viitakoski.



When the referee decides to do karaoke during the game.



When the referee decides to eat his whistle during the game.



Imagine you see you granddad turn up here suddenly. Team Norway, anyone?



This picture is weird but the longer you look at it the funnier it gets. Pay special attention to the woman on the left who clearly chose the wrong section.



Just when you think you have seen everything in floorball. And then you see a woman bringing an accordion to a match.

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Also have some funny WFC pictures you want to share with us? Then contact us!

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