Wrap-up of the Swedish Super League – Round 10


The Swedish Super League is ten rounds in and still young with a whole 25 rounds left to play, but the table is already reflecting a lot of predictions. Falun, Storvreta, and Mullsjö were all predicted to be in the top with some variations in their placements of course. The rest of the table comes with a few surprises but seems like an overall good representation of what’s been expected and what’s to come.

1.IBF Falun
2.Storvreta IBK
3.Mullsjö AIS
4.Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
5.Linköping IBK
6.Växjö IBK
7.FC Helsingborg
8.IBF Örebro
9.IBK Dalen
10.Höllvikens IBF
11.Jönköpings IK
13.IK Sirius IBK
14.Team Thorengruppen SK


Falun won seven games until they fell against Jönköping with 8-5 in the ninth round, only to recover with a win against Växjö which places them one point ahead of Storvreta, who’s success within the club is a receipt of how well they’ve implemented their new players into their system and outwardly a confirmation of our expectations. The two giants are predicted to consecutively bring in points and considering the direction they’ve been taking this far, that’s most likely the development we’re looking at.

Thirdly, Mullsjö have already fallen hard twice against both Linköping and Växjö, two familiar battles from last season’s playoffs. They have apart from that delivered what’s been expected of them and occasionally even more but will have to move up a gear in order to win the mental games in order to stay in the top and to separate themselves from the bottom 5-8.

One of the surprises mentioned in the preamble comes in at fourth place, Pixbo Wallenstam. A team that’s been delivering just as much as they should have according to the books and well beyond what’s been predicted. Seeing as they keep falling in the quarterfinals and performed below expectations last season, the predictions were harsh on them before the first round. Pixbo, with their mix of veteran experience, expertise, and youth, seem to have found a new path which we haven’t seen in a while. The fact that they’ve placed themselves this high up this early on shows that they’re doing something right and if they can stay on these tracks then there will definitely be a chance to get some revenge when the playoffs start.

Linköping, Växjö, Helsingborg and Örebro, the following four teams make up the top eight teams which we’ll see in the playoffs. We’re currently looking at last season’s playoffs with the exception Örebro at eight place. One point below is Dalen and considering that round 10 is only a fresh start of the SSL 2017/18, Örebro have a long 25 rounds ahead of them with a heavy tail to shake off if they have any intentions of making the playoffs.

Currently under the relegation line we find IK Sirus and Team Thorengruppen, one more expected than the other. It’s hard to say that these teams are struggling because they aren’t necessarily. They are a few points behind Jönköping and AIK, something that can switch in the matter of a round so diving into that pool this early on feels a bit redundant.

Going forward, what can we expect to happen?
The top teams have already established that they’re there for a reason. Whichever team places where in the top will definitely change around a bit but the teams that will be there will remain the same. Things are getting blurrier the farther down the ladder we climb; we’ve got a decent idea of the 5-8 teams but the next ten rounds will certainly make it clearer. Going even farther down it’s suddenly impossible to tell which direction we’re heading in. AIK and Sirius for instance, teams that tend to get trapped in between playoffs and relegation have performed at mixed levels whereas newcomer Örebro and Jönköping have surprised many. The few points that separate them are as stated only a few, and anything can happen in floorball. After all, if the whole regular league was a game, we’d only be in the 17th minute of the first period.

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