WFC 2017

World Cup Semi-final – Sweden – Czech Republic – Scandinavian final awaits after Swedish victory

Image: IFF

Finland beat Switzerland in their semi-final, partly thanks to this penalty by My Kippilä.

The ball was therefore Sweden’s, to make the final a Scandinavian fest that is, and they played it well. Well enough to make it through at least and while the quality of the last period was just a tactical move to save energy or a lack of energy can be argued, their overall effort still proved that they are worthy a place in tomorrow’s final against Finland.

A well prepared Czech Republic defended themselves by the book and while they might know Sweden’s offensive tactics as good as them, the first goal down was debatable in every sense. Wibron pulled the ball around the Czech goal and Prileska appeared to have saved it on the line but the referees allowed it and made an already steep hill steeper for Czech.

Boberg proved Sweden’s abilities of fully putting the ball in the net ten whole minutes later on a rebound shot. A shift in moods from one performing extraordinary defence to one finally breaking it lead to an additional quick goal for the home team, this time an open goal by Joelsson after a brilliantly executed pass by Wibron. The two of them made the same spectacle once more and through an almost identical goal, made sure that Sweden were up with four goals against nil.

The first period gave a good idea of the direction this game was headed in and it definitely spilled over into the final two periods. Czech carried on with their genius defence and Sweden struggled to outsmart them, for the most part. Granstedt put Sweden ahead with five goals and ended up slightly in the shadows after Boberg’s striking dragshot in Prileska’s top corner.

The Swedes were up with six goals and were already planning for a tough game against Finland tomorrow. The Czech Republic read them page by page over and over and eventually managed what Sweden couldn’t. They delicately zigzagged their way through the Swedish defence, all the way down to Repkova who put a little bit of heat on the Swedes. It was however a small flame and was quickly put out when Fjellstedt scored the final goal of the game through an impeccable shot.

7-1 brought Sweden to a final against Finland in the World Cup 2017. The two giants play against each other tomorrow, the 9th of December, 2017, and can be seen right here.

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