WFCQ 2019

Women’s AOFC WFCQ starts this Sunday (with these teams)

Thailand and Japan during the WFC2017 (Photo: IFF)

From December 7-15 of this year, the women’s WFC will be played in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). The qualification tournaments are about to start off!

Next week, the European tournament EUR1, 2, 3 and 4 start, but this Sunday, it’s already time for the Asian and Oceanian teams. They play in two groups: AOFC1 and AOFC2:

AOFC1: Australia (12), Thailand (19), New Zealand (20), Philippines (32)
AOFC2: Japan (14), Singapore (15), Republic of Korea (24), Malaysia (26)

The number within brackets is the current World Ranking number, based on the results of the last two WFC tournaments, or according to participation in regional international tournaments. Countries with no ranking are participating in their first WFC and will receive a ranking after the event (read more).

How to qualify

Each team will play once against each other team in its group. After this, based on the results in both groups, the countries move on to the playoff rounds. The #1 in Group A and B qualify directly for the WFC. They progress to the final of the AOFC WFCQ. The numbers 2 and 3 of the groups play against each other in a quarterfinal game: A2 vs. B3, B2 vs. A3. The winners of these games move on to the bronze final AND qualify for the WFC.

In total, out of the eight competing AOFC countries, four will qualify for the WFC 2019. The AOFC WFCQ will be played from January 27 until February 1.

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