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Will Swedish national team player Joel Kanebjörk play with SSL newcomer Örebro next season?

Photo by Per Wiklund (Perwiklund.se)

Joel Kanebjörk is one of Sweden’s most merited players with a long history in the national team and one who had many Swedish championships with Storvreta. Now rumors go that SSL newcomer Örebro will be his next destination.

According to Swedish floorball news magazine InnebandyMagazinet, the famous center met with the team’s head trainer Gabriel Brandberg (who was appointed only 2 weeks ago) in Örebro. “We are of course interested in him but nothing is decided yet”, according to Örebro sports chef Janne Ekengren.

Even though nothing formally is written, these are clear signs of a late-season transfer bomb coming up soon. We keep you posted.

It isn’t the only big transfer the club made as they shook the Swedish floorball world when they announced that center Simon Palmén left Falun to play with Örebro earlier this year.

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