Finnish Salibandyliiga

Will EräViikingit reach the semifinals? Crucial decisive match played tonight and you can watch!

EräViikingit is one of Finland’s best clubs but right now they find themselves in a very tough spot. Tonight they will play a crucial match against Westend Indians which will be streamed live on Finnish television. The best news? You can watch!

EräViikingit came to exist at the start of the previous season when two Salibandyliiga clubs Tapanilan Erä and SSV merged to form a serious contender for the Finnish title. Packed with international stars such as Miko Kailiala, Mika Moilanen, and Jani Kukkola, the team proved to be a force that was hard to stop. The team played a strong season and playoffs but had to concede the Finnish championships to rivals Classic in the grand finals.

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This season, the team played strong floorball and came third, right after the surprise of the season Nokian KrP (who are in the semifinals after beating SPV with 4-1 in games) but a long way from Classic, who completely dominated Finnish floorball this season. Westend Indians ended up on the 6th place, which would mean a meeting of the two in a quarterfinals series.

And what a series it is. Where other ‘favorites’ defeated their lower ranked opponents fairly simply (giving away 1 match at most), EräViikingit and Westend Indians fought a fierce battle all the way lasting to a final game.

Tonight at 18.30 local time (17.30) CET, the all-decisive final match will be played and streamed live on Finnish national television. However, a VPN subscription is needed if you live outside Finland.

The game can be watched through this link. If you live outside of Finland, you can simply use a VPN (which tricks the browser to think you are from Finland) to watch the match! We recommend PureVPN which starts at $2.87 per month. If you are planning to watch the Swedish/Swiss/Finnish finals in April, a one-month VPN subscription will allow you access to these games, too, as these games are geo-restricted as well! 

Link – Watch this game with PureVPN

Link – Direct link to the stream (VPN needed outside Finland)

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