24 October 2019
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Who will win the SSL point league on Saturday? Time for a closer look

Photo: Per Wiklund

The last round of SSL is coming and there are still important things to solve as who will take the last play-off seat and who will wear the crown for the most productive player in the SSL.

  1. Johannes Wilhelmsson (Höllviken) 31+50= 83
  2. Alexander Galante Carlström (Falun) 54+24= 78
  3. Albin Sjögren (Storvreta) 37+40= 77
  4. Emil Johansson (Falun) 26+44=70

If we look at the numbers, it’s clear realistically only the trio Johannes Wilhelmsson, Alexander Galante Carlström or Albin Sjögren are competing for the crown. With 83 points Wilhelmsson is the closest to wining but you can never cross out Carlström with 78 points and Storvreta’s star Albin Sjögren who gathered 77 points this season.

Wilhelmsson’s Höllvikens is playing Dalen in a duel where there is not much to play for as Höllvikens won’t be relegated and Dalen is in the play-offs so there could be a feast for the fans of an attacking play where Wilhelmsson can pick a few points.

Falun is facing Linköping in much a harder tie as Linköping is a tougher opponent and still has something to play for – and that’s third place in the table and the option of choosing an opponent. But sniper Carlström is born to score goals and this year Falun broke the record for scored goals, so there could still be hope for Galante to overtake his rival.

The least probable winner of this race is Albin Sjögren even though Storvreta has the easiest opponent in form of Helsingborg. He is behind by six points so if he wants to win, Wilhelmsson and Carlström can’t score or assist and Sjögren would have to pick up 7 point to add to his productivity chart. Never rule out this Storvreta sniper (but don’t put your money on him either)!

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