22 January 2020
Czech Superliga News

Who will get the last play-off seats in the Czech Superliga?

Big boys Mladá Boleslav, Vítkovice, Chodov and a very surprising Sparta Prague have secured the first 4 play-off tickets but the question is: who will take the other 4? Time to have a look and discuss the prospects one-by-one.


With only 4 games left to play, time is running out to claim a place in the Czech playoffs. Nine teams still have their hopes up but for the squads of Brno, Pardubice (both 19 points), Česká Lípa (21 points), Královské Vinohrady (23 points) there is only a mathematical chance to get onto the next stage. Then there are teams of Ostrava, Bohemians (29 points), Otrokovice (30 points), Liberec (32 points) and Tatran Střešovice with 39 points who all have a good prospect of getting forward.

Let’s see the final matches of the teams with the highest probability to make the cut.

Ostrava holds the lowest table position from the teams mentioned but this is only because their goal difference is inferior to that of Bohemians. Their next match on 8 February where they are playing against reigning champions Mladá Boleslav (home). This is definitely not an easy game. Two days later they will compete against rivals Bohemians (away) which should be crucial for their final standing. Their last two matches of regular league season are against bottom duo of Brno (home) and Znojmo (away), those two games should be a definitive win for Ostrava if they want to think about play-off.

Bohemians have a slightly harder schedule as they face, apart from the crucial game against Ostrava, Vítkovice and have two away matches against Česká Lípa who have some high-quality players in form of Radek Krajcigr or Štěpán Slaný, and then a derby versus Sokol Královské Vinohrady.

Otrokovice comes from the smallest town of any team in the Czech highest division. They will be taking three away journeys and will have advantage of home court one more time. The fact they only have one home game is crucial: their fans are widely regarded as best in the league. Two trips to central Bohemia to face Česká Lípa – the match they need to win – and then to top table sitters Mladá Boleslav where Otrokovice can only hope to surprise. Later they welcome Liberec in their home with a heated atmosphere behind them. The last match for them is against Pardubice as one of their must-win matches.

Liberec is one of the pleasant surprises of this season. They have only three matches left with two of them played at home and one away – what is probably hardest draw of those mentioned in the article. On 11 February they are facing Královské Vinohrady who will have some fighting spirit left. Then the team of former Czech national team coach Zdeněk Skružný will face Otrokovice on their homeland followed by a final match facing Mladá Boleslav in a derby.

Tatran Střešovice beat Liberec in their last league match and marches to another play-off as they have not been missing a single one so far. Their last three matches consist of two must-win matches against poor teams Brno (away) and Znojmo (home). The final game is one of the historically most prestigious one in Czech floorball and that is against Vítkovice in Ostrava.

Who will make the cut and who will be facing relegation? We will will see it on the 24 th of February!

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