WFCQ 2018

Who can stop Sweden from qualifying for the WFC 2018? (WFCQ Preview EUR2)

Sweden and Germany met during the WFC 2016 (Image: IFF)

The World Floorball Championships Qualifications are about to start. In Europe, 22 countries, divided into four groups, fight for ten tickets. Here’s Group 2 which will be held in Nitra, Slovakia!

The second group consists of five teams: Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia and France. There’s no doubt at all whether or not the Swedes will make it to the WFC. Usually, they take many young and new players to tournaments like this, in order to get them used to international games. At the WFC 2016, Sweden won the silver medal after losing the final against Finland. Of course, they’d like to get their revenge, but for now, the main goal is qualifying.

The team’s biggest opponents are Germany and Slovakia. Both teams are in the top 10 of the world ranking, but this won’t mean they can give Sweden a hard time. Their toughest game will probably be the one in which they meet… each other. This might be something the creators of the match schedule have realized as well: they scheduled this game Saturday night at 19.00 – prime time!

However, the group still has two more teams: Slovenia and France. Their current world rankings are 24th (Slovania) and 28th place, so making it to third place would be a major surprise. The teams will learn a lot during the tournament, but qualifying will probably become a very difficult (if not impossible) job.

The match schedule can be found below (local time, CET). Live streams will be provided on the IFF YouTube channel 1.

Wednesday 31 January
16.00 France – Sweden
19.00 Slovenia – Slovakia

Thursday 1 February
16.00 Germany – Slovenia
19.00 Slovakia – France

Friday 2 February
16.00 Slovenia – France
19.00 Sweden – Germany

Saturday 3 February
13.00 Sweden – Slovenia
19.00 Germany – Slovakia

Sunday 4 February
15.00 Slovakia – Sweden
18.00 France – Germany

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