21 September 2019
WFC 2016

Finnish selection: Mixed group with 7 debutantes for WFC2016

No less than 7 debutantes in the selection of the Finnish national team for the upcoming WFC2016. After the last EFT, in which Finland won all matches except the game against Sweden, the Finnish staff had the task to trim down the selection to 20 players. What we find is a mix of new players, such as Miko Kailliala, Krister Savonen and Nico Salo – and veterans such as Mika Kohonen, Tero Tiitu and Juha Kivilehto. This will also be the tenth WFC Mika Kohonen will play in.

The complete list:

Eero Kosonen, Växjö
Jarno Ihme, IK Sirius IBK

Krister Savonen, Classic
Juha Kivilehto, Helsingborg
Tommi Aro, EräViikingit
Janne Lamminen, Classic
Nico Salo, Classic
Tatu Väänänen, Wilver-Ersigen
Jonne Junkkarinen, Happee
Lauri Stenfors, TPS
Tero Tiitu, EräViikingit

Eemeli Salin, Classic
Mika Moilanen, EräViikingit
Joonas Pylsy, Classic
Jani Kukkola, EräViikingit
Mika Kohonen, Helsingborg
Peter Kotilainen, Happee
Sami Johansson, Classic
Jami  Manninen, Helsingborg
Miko Kailiala, EräViikingit

Group photo

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