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WFC 2018 Recap Day 3 – All results and news

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The third day of WFC 2018 is over and we’ve seen another six games! Here’s a quick recap:

SGP – JPN 9-5 (Read)
Japan could keep up with Singapore for two periods, but they lost it in the last period. Singapore changed the score from 5-5 up to 9-5 and is currently at second place in Group D. On Tuesday, both teams play their third group phase games.

LAT – GER 4-5 (Read)
Wow, we did not see this coming: Germany beat Latvia, while yesterday the Latvians were too strong for the Czech Republic. This tense game was close until the end, with the final goal scored in the last three minutes!

AUS – POL 4-2 (Read)
Another surprise at Day 3: down-underdog Australia turned out to be able to withstand the Polish offensive forces. The Poles shot on goal twenty times, eight more than Australia, but didn’t manage to win this game. Australia has a big chance of becoming the runner-up in Group C, right behind Estonia.

FIN – DEN 7-1 (Read)
One period of high-level floorball, followed by two without many goals and opportunities: that’s how we can describe this game. The Fins took a 5-1 lead during the first period. Their last two goals were equally divided over the second and third period. Denmark has lost twice now and they still have to play against Sweden…

EST – THA 11-4 (Read)
Thailand lost its second game of the WFC as Estonia was way too strong. The Estonians won Group C and move up to the quarterfinals, in which they will probably meet Denmark.

SWE – NOR 9-1 (Read)
One-way traffic, with Sweden having no problem at all against Norway. Goalkeeper Mans-Tegner was seconds away from getting a clean sheet, but at 59.56, Norway scored its only goal.

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