Champions Cup

“We weren’t good enough today” -Helmrich

Photo: IFF Flickr

Classic demolished Storvreta to take their first Champions Cup gold when they won the final with 10-3. Emil Helmrich is not know for being one of the most famous players in Storvreta, but today in the final he got the man of the match award for his team. A very dissapointed Helmrich had this to say about the game.

Why are Classic some levels better then Storvreta today?

– We let in some easy goals, also we let them score in boxplay. On top of that we took some bad penalties. We weren’t good enough today, says Emil Helmrich to Floorballtoday.

What could you have done differently?

– We should have played smarter like we talked about before the game. We also talked about fightning harder then them but we didn´t do that either. They got way to many chances where they managed to counter attack on us. If we would have been able to stop the counter attacks we would have had a way better chance to win today.

How will you let go of this devastating loss?

– We will lick our wounds and try our best to forget about this. Now we are focusing on SSL and we are going for gold there instead.

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