Champions Cup

“We have many leading players” -Piha

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Finnish Classic from Tampere won their first Champions Cup gold after a big victory with 10-3 against Storvreta. It was an emotional Jussi Piha that talked with us after the final game.

Why did Classic win the final?

– I think we played very solid in our defense. We didn´t give Storvreta that many chances to score. Storvreta has many goalscorers and the chances they got Lassi Toriseva took well care of. It was very good for us that we got some early goals in the game. The score got a bit bigger then what it maybe should have been because of the open net goals we scored. The most important thing was that we won the final, says Jussi Piha to FloorballToday.

How did it feel to beat Storvreta for the second time this season?

– This was the game to win for us. Pre season games are pre seasons games and we knew that Storvreta would be a lot better today, but of course we got a confidence boost from that Pre season game. We tried to focus on our own game.

How does it feel to bring back the trophy home to Finland? 

– It feels good of course. For Classic as a club this is a really big thing. Classic wanted to be the best club in the world for a long time now. This is not the only thing that Classic wants, but if you want to be the best you need to win this title. This title was a big thing for us players in the team aswell. When we lost the Champions Cup last year I was actually not sure if I was going to play floorball anymore. I want to thank my wife for supporting me so I was able to keep on playing floorball.

How come is Finland the number one in mens floorball right now?

-I think it is because we have had many good players for some years now. We are confident in what we do and we are motivated to win more things. I think we have the same kind of mentality here in Classic that we have in the Finnish national team. We have many leading players in our team and if something goes wrong we have good coaches that can help us out.

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