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“We have a 40-50% chance of qualifying for the WFC”

Next week the WFC Qualifications are about to start off. In Group EUR1, the Netherlands are fighting for one of the two desired tickets to the WFC 2018. We spoke with #25 Leonard Widjaja, one of the experienced forwards.

As written before, Group EUR1 consists of three strong teams: Finland, Poland, and Estonia. Belgium, the Netherlands and Liechtenstein are the remaining three countries. The Dutchies, led by head coach Tomas Kasemets, have been training a lot and selected a strong team. Widjaja is one of them. He’s a forward who has been playing many tournaments before. He started off his career as a goalkeeper, but successfully switched to a field player.

He let us know the goal is to qualify by becoming second in the group (after Finland), although the team is aware the games against Poland and Estonia will become tough ones. If becoming second won’t be the case, plan B is to become one of the two best-ranked #3, so at least Poland OR Estonia needs to be beaten. Widjaja gives his teams about a 40-50% chance of succeeding.

Next to that, the games against Belgium and Liechtenstein also have to be won. It should be possible, as Belgium has been beaten many times before. However, spoken in cliches, ‘any game will be a final’ during next week’s WFCQ. The game schedule can be found here. More information can be found at the WFCQ or Dutch National Team Facebook pages.

Full roster
1 Dimitri Vermaat
99 Niek van Linge

2 Felix Poelsma
4 Sven Landmeter
5 Sven van der Heide
8 Bart van de Kraats
14 Aron Piekema
16 Matthijsten Hag
23 Gijs Dieleman
80 Jasper Sangen

6 Niek Hovius
7 Thomas de Ruiter
9 Thomas van Rijsselt
10 Bart Bogaard
11 Kasper van den Hark
13 Jeroen van Rijsselt
20 Sander Willeboordse
21 Max Molander
25 Leonard Widjaja
29 Jeroen Bart

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