Czech Superliga

Watch today’s Czech semifinals LIVE

Image: Cesky Florbal Flickr

In the Czech Superliga playoffs, two semifinal games will be played today. The games start at 15.00 and 18.00 (CET). First Florbal MB and Sparta play their second semifinal game. The first game resulted in a 5-2 victory for Boleslav. After that, Chodov and Vítkovice start off their semifinal campaign.

15.00: Mlada Boleslav – Sparta Praha
18.00: Florbal Chodov – Vítkovice

You might need a VPN in order to watch the games. Find one HERE.

The game can be watched through the link above. If you live outside of the Czech Republic, you can simply use a VPN (which tricks the browser to think you are from the Czech Republic) to watch the match! We recommend PureVPN which starts at $2.87 per month. If you are planning to watch the Swedish/Swiss/Finnish finals in April, a one-month VPN subscription will allow you access to these games, too, as these games are geo-restricted as well! 

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