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Vitkovice first team to reach the Finals in Champions Cup!

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Czech Vitkovice made it to the final after a 5-4 overtime win against Finnish SB Pro. It was a game that turned both ways during the match. SB Pro had a two goal lead in the first period and Vitkovice had a two goal lead in the second period.

Vitkovice started the game best with creating three good chances during the first three minutes of the game, two of them were from fast counter attacks. Vitkovice kept on creating chances but they were not effective enough to score. SB Pro kept on giving Vitkovice the opportunity to counter attack when they lost the ball high while attacking. After 10.07 SB scored the first goal in the game when Ina Leminen found Heidi Lirkki open in the high slot. Right after the goal SB Pro almost scored again but the goalie in Vitkovice Nikola Príleská did a very important save when she saved with her leg to prevent SB Pro from scoring again. 13 minutes into the game Jenni Rautanen hit the crossbar when she had a good chance. That far into the game Vitkovice had more chances but Tiltu Siltanen showed many times why she is considered one of the best goalies in the world. 16.42 into the first period SB Pro increased their lead to 2-0 when Jaana Lirkki scored after a fatal mistake from Vitkovice giving the ball away to Lirkki. SB Pro was close to make the lead bigger with just a few minutes left of the period but the shot hit the post.

Only 19 seconds into the second period Vitkovice scored their first goal of the day. The goal was scored by the captain Alzbeta Duríková after a well executed  free hit.  Three minutes into the second it was very close that SB Pro took a two goal lead after a good free hit from the corner. 4.50 into the second period SB got the opportunity to play a powerplay after Barbora Husková in Vitkovice got a 2 minutes penaltiy for holding the stick. Instead of a powerplay goal for SB Pro it was Vitkovice that blocked a shot which lead to a breakaway for Justyna Krzywak that did not make a mistake when she equalized with a very clean shot under the arm of Tiltu Siltanen. After the boxplay goal Vitkovice got loads of energy which led to two more goals for the Czech Champions. First it was Zuzaza Sponiarová that made it 3-2 when SB Pro failed to pass their way out of the high pressure from Vitkovice. The 4-2 goal for Vitkovice came after a long range shot from Ivana Supakova that was saved by Siltanen but Barbora Huskova was standing on the right spot to be able to score on the rebound. After scoring three straight goals Vitkovice controlled the most of the remaining parts in the second period.  The game would have been different scorewise if SB Pro did not have such a good goalie as Tiltu Siltanen. Even though Vitkovice had the upper hand in the end of the second period SB managed to score one more time to make it 4-3. Karoliina Kujala scored the goal with a half volley shot after a deflection on a Vitkovice defender.

Vitkovice started the third period better and they created a big chance after just one minute. The attempt did not go in but Vitkovice got a powerplay instead since the change was created during a delayed penalty on Ina Leminen. In the following powerplay Vitkovice had a shot in the shortside post and one open net.  Right after the powerplay ended SB Pro made it 4-4. The goal was scored by Mirja Hietamäki  after a mistake in the own zone from Vitkovice. SB Pro got another chance in powerplay but they did not manage to create many dangerous chances in their powerplay. Right after the 5 on 4 play for SB Pro they created a great chance but Nikola Príleská in Vitkovice made a magnificent save with her foot. Most of the game was very physical with many tough duels. No more goals was scored during the regulation time. The game had many chances but both teams had very good goalies. The score was 4-4 after 60 minutes. This game could have gone either way but it feelt like Vitkovice had the upper hand over most of the game with more dangerous chances created.

Vitkovice created the first chance in OT but the shot from captain Duríková just went wide. Second chance was also for Vitkovice that had most of the ball during the first two minutes of the overtime. After a textbook passing play the Czech Champions made it to the final. The game winning goal was scored by Dominika Buczek on a nice assist from Veronika Enenkelova.

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