21 September 2019
WFC 2016

USA: “We want to be the best non-European team in the tournament” (Team Introduction)

Less than a month until the WFC 2016 starts. FloorballToday will show you all you need to know about the participating teams – with this time’s subject: the USA!

Previous results and preparation
Since WFC 2014 the team had a yearly development camp in the USA and an elite camp in Europe. In autumn 2015 they had a camp and played versus Iceland and Serbia. In autumn 2016 the USA played a tournament in Riga and a game versus Latvia as well. In February they played the WFCQ, winning versus Jamaica and losing versus Canada. It was enough for the WFC ticket.

USA’s goal?
The goal is simple and clear. As coach Stefan Hedlund describes it: “be the best non-European team in the tournament.”

Which three players should spectators keep an eye out and why?
#30 Ryan Winkler – The team captain and an important and skillful player. Graceful playing style in the offense and back-checking in defense mixed with game awareness: he seems to have it all!
#23 Terence Frank – A floorball icon. Really unique player that keeps his career at an incredible standard despite his age (born in 1974).
#44 Robin Brown – A powerful wing player that always give 100% and never lowers the working rate.

“We can’t try to tell anyone it’s not an emotional game for the players.”

USA’s strengths and weaknesses
According to Stefan Hedlund the team’s biggest assets are the love for the sport, for the team and for the country. This results in a great deal of team spirit that makes the team unique. He admits there are a couple of weaknesses, but he is not concerned with that at the time.

What group game are you looking forward to most?
Stefan Hedlund: “All of them! But I’m really nervous about the Thailand game. They have a talented team and are a really sharp opponent. I think they are an underdog that can surprise in their first WFC.” And what about Canada? Isn’t that game loaded with emotions? “Canada is always Canada and we can’t try to tell anyone its not an emotional game for the players.”

What are your thoughts about floorball entering the World Games?
Its so great for the sports, and important for the growth of our fanbase in the world!

Team picture of USA, made at the WFCQ 2016

(This article was made possible by Stefan Hedlund and Adam Troy)

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