USA qualifies for the World Games after smallest possible victory : 1-0 vs. Canada

The match between USA and Canada wasn’t  just a game for 11th place – it was about qualifying for the International World Games 2017 in Wroclaw. In the end it was USA who won, thus qualifying: 1-0.

The beginning of the game was directed by the Canadian players, who were more active on the opponents part of field. They had some good shooting opportunities, but it didn’t end with an goal. After 10 minutes team USA began to put more pressure on the ball, making it harder for Canada to enforce itself. The first period was full of nervousness on the sticks and no one wanted to make a mistake, as both teams knew what they were playing for: the World Games.

The second period started with powerplay for Canada. They had a few chances and good shots on goal, but still scoring was too hard for them. After the powerplay there were still some chances for Canada to score, but the goalkeeper of USA kept his goal clean. Halfway during the match the Canadians had another powerplay situation – but again they didn’t find the net! After that the team of the USA showed some great offense, which led to quite some chances – but still no goals. Score after the second period: 0-0.

Fourty minutes without a goal, what could one expect in p3? At first ten more minutes without a goal… The tempo wasn’t really high as both teams played carefully. However, at 50.11 McVey scored the first goal of the match: 1-0 and the USA took the lead! Now Canada started playing harder and faster, but not well enough to really threaten USA. Time was running out and at 60.00 it was a fact: USA won! By this they finish at 11th place at the WFC. They’re also qualified for the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw (Poland). Canada ends up at 12th place.

Goals in time order:

1 – 050.1120. Alexander McVeyno assistantUSA M
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