WFCQ 2017

USA beats Canada over 2 games in the North American WFC qualifier

Photo: IFF Flickr

In the smallest qualifier group for the upcoming WFC in Bratislava, it was only USA and Canada who played each other twice.

Despite playing on home soil (Markham), the Canadians didn’t manage to qualify for December’s world championships. In the first game USA won 5-9. Christine Lindberg impressed with her 3 goals and 3 assists, which she was rewarded for with the MVP price.

The 2nd game ended in a draw, 6-6. Marie Häggström scored, just as in the previous game, a hat-trick for her USA. In Canada it was Kathryn Kennedy who was chosen as the MVP after scoring 3+1. However a draw was not enough for the Canadians to go through the qualifier, and it will be USA who’s going to represent North America in the WFC.

Top scorers:

1.Marie HaggstromUSA W264100
2.Christine LindbergUSA W26390
3.Adelia PennisiUSA W23470
4.Kathryn KennedyCAN W23250
5.Brianna KennellyCAN W22240
6.Theresa WoodlandCAN W22020
7.Christina ChinCAN W22022
8.Christina DeFrancoCAN W20220
9.Rina BatraCAN W21010
10.Lisa LeungCAN W21010

Goalkeeper statistics:

1.Jennifer LynchCAN W234685.00
2.Brandee GomezUSA W236881.81
3.Rachel MacLeodCAN W225973.52
4.Nora AronUSA W24357.14
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