Champions Cup

Unstoppable IKSU gold medalists of Champions Cup 2017!

Photo: IFF

In a partly dominant performance from Swedish IKSU, they defeated IKSU 5-1 and earned the title as Champions Cup gold medalists 2017.

Right from the start IKSU got up in a lead – with an own goal by Classic. When Amanda Delgado Johansson tried to find a cross pass, the ball was stopped by Julia Jokela who unluckily steered it into the net. The Swedes followed up by putting on a big offensive pressure, barely giving Classic any room to breathe. 12 minutes in Delgado Johansson beautifully scored 2-0 by wrapping around the goal from behind.

The IKSU machine continued doing work in the 2nd period. Just like in the first one, an early goal was scored. This time by Julia Nordin, who basically was served an open net by her team mate Ellinor Berling. IKSU continued being the dominant team, but eventually Classic stepped up as the period developed, and started creating more and more chances themselves. Towards the end of the period, Rantala was only centimeters from scoring. In the last couple of minutes before the break, Classic were given the chance to reduce in powerplay. In yesterday’s semifinal they scored were 100% effective, scoring in all 3 of them – and the flawless statistics was upheld when Hanna Sipiläinen who took a long shot that barely left the ground, but still went past everyone and between the legs of Emelie Frisk in the IKSU net.

The 3rd period wasn’t in control of IKSU like the first 2. The teams went back and forth, exchanging chances. Classic stood for several deadly chances, but didn’t utilize the opportunities. Instead Iza Rydfjäll made the uphill even steeper for Classic as she fired off a rocket during a powerplay, which went right past Anna-Maria Linnoinen and up into the further end of the goal. Things were looking tough for Classic, and when their star player Ella Alanko had to step off with pain in the left knee, it didn’t get any better. Classic decided to gamble and take out their goalkeeper with 5 minutes left, however without any success. Instead Emelie Wibron could put in the last goal of the game in an empty net.


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