Czech Superliga

UNBELIEVABLE: Team loses qualifier to Czech Republic highest league because of a … sock!

The story is almost too unbelievable to be true and it sounds like an April Fools joke but one of the matches, and with that, a qualifier series to Czech Republic’s highest league was decided by a… sock. We will try to explain what happened below.

It all happened on Saturday 31st of March when two teams met in a qualifier match to Czech Republic’s highest league. The two Prague teams, Sokol Královské Vinohrady and Black Angels, were in a best-of-5 qualifying series and Sokol was leading with 2-1 in matches so the match on Saturday had the potential to be deciding. Fast forward to the 59th minute, the score was 4-5 so guests Black Angels were leading.

This is when the bizarre scenario starts. At two minutes for time, Sokol’s coaching staff points the referee to the fact that one player of Black Angels, Jakub Votruba, played with one white sock and one black, where his teammates play with two black socks. Even though the player had not played a single minute and had been benched for the whole match, the fact was pointed out, and the referees had no choice but to give the player a 2-minute penalty. According to sources, the player had been playing with the sock combination for a couple of seasons already and was never reported, not by any opponent but also not in the clashes against this specific opponent.

You could guess what happened next. Sokol pulled their goalkeeper to play a 6-vs-4 powerplay and made the equalizer 32 seconds before time. In extra time, they scored another goal and decided the series to move to the final qualifier round.

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