WFC 2017

Unbelievable effort Slovakia in front of 3.856 specators just not enough against Finland

Image: IFF

In a wonderful match, Slovakia wasn’t able to surprise Finland, although the team was stronger during the first period. The final score of 6-2 meant Finland moves on to the semifinals.

In an energetic first period, Slovakia completely surprised Finland and audaciously managed to score the opening goal. Who else than Paulina Hudakova scored 0-1 and who else than Denisa Ferencikova assisted her. The Finns had the overhand however and were able to benefit from a powerplay situation when Nina Rantala sneakily stole the ball from the Slovakian defense and tied the score. The crowd went wild again when Lenka Cuprakova put Slovakia in the lead again, but in a second powerplay situation, Hanna Sipilainen equalized again, assisted by Rantala.

The second period only saw one goal. Veera Kauppi took the shot, but Karolina Kristofova stopped it. However, the rebound was a prey for Jenna Saario, putting Finland in a 3-2 lead. The Finns didn’t give away many chances, while creating many themselves. A look at the statistics: so far, Finland took 22 shots on goal, Slovakia only nine. However, it’s not the number of shots that count, but the number of goals – and Slovakia only needed one more to level.

The third period showed a tired team Slovakia, less and less able to put a hold on the Finnish offense. When Eliisa Alanko scored 4-2, things started to look bad for the home team when Veera Kauppi scored 5-2. Slovakia had already taken out its goalkeeper every now and then and – after a timeout – decided to start playing all or nothing. Some big opportunities followed, but the only team able to score once more was Finland: 6-2. The home team stole the hearts of the spectators, but it didn’t bring them to the semis. Instead, Slovakia will now play for 5th-8th place. Finland moves up to the semifinals and will play against the winner of Norway – Switzerland.

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