Champions Cup

UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels team introduction Champions Cup – All you need to know!

The Champions Cup 2017 is starting in just a couple of days. FloorballToday gives a brief overview of every team.

Information about the team
Never heard of UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels before? They are Germany’s highest decorated team with 13 Championship titles and will be attending the Champions Cup for the very first time. Weissenfels qualified by winning the EuroFloorball Cup 2016 final against SK Lielvarde from Latvia (8-6). The main problem for Weissenfels could turn out to be the missing domestic competition: In the last few years they have won almost all possible titles and are simply ahead of the curve in their country. But the opposition at the Champions Cup will be much tougher and a new experience for the team. First, they will face Florbal Chodov from the Czech Republic on Friday, 6th of October. The odds are stacked against Weissenfels. Will they get through?

 3 players to watch
  • Anssi Soini – Equipped with very good ball control and always hungry for goals.
  • Harri Naumanen – The strategic head of the team, sets up a lot of plays.
  • Matthias Siede – Solid attacker with already 8 scorerpoints after 3 games in the German Bundesliga.

Tobias Köstler
Max Hoffmann

Jonas Hoffmann
Tim Böttcher (C)
Jussi Asunta
Philip Jassmann
Sascha Herlt

Harri Naumanen
Sebastian Bernieck
Martin Brückner
Christopher Gruhne
Johannes Tauchlitz
Anssi Soini
Max Blanke
Matthias Siede
Thomas Händler
Axel Kuch
Philipp Weigelt
Beyrich Luca-Leon

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