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Kotilainen’s transfer madness: FBC Kalmarsund says ‘no’

Image: Jari Turunen

Enström and Galante Carlström, or Rudd and Sjögren: just some of the strong duos playing in the SSL. The best league in the world could have gotten another monster pair: Kim Nilsson and Peter Kotilainen – but the fairytale was over before it even started.

As was made clear earlier this month, Peter Kotilainen decided to leave Happee to start playing abroad. As the only way is up, the goal seemed to be to get from the Finnish Salibandyliiga to the Swedish SSL. The superstar of the WFC 2016 and his agent started conversations with FBC Kalmarsund, one of the newcomers in the SSL and club of (another) superstar Kim Nilsson.

It’s said that Kotilainen and Huttunen (his agent) spoke with Kalmarsund and agreed on a deal, but afterwards, Kalmarsund restarted the conversations and offered the Finn a new deal – but far worse than the first offer. During the negotiations, Kotilainen spoke with some of his potential teammates, including Nilsson. “Nilsson would definitely have wanted me there and I said that we hope to get things right with Kalmarsund”, said Kotilainen to Paakallo.

However, Kalmarsund stated the language barrier was the biggest problem with the transfer, although the transfer price was a bit too high too. Club director Per Viberg told Innebandymagazinet Kotilainen was “more expensive than a Swedish national team player”. He continued and stated Finnish players are often very skilled, but not enough on a tactical level. The biggest problem seemed to be that Kotilainen barely speaks Swedish nor English.

It’s still unclear where Peter Kotilainen will play next season.

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