WFC 2018

Top scorers after the WFC group phase

Michal Dudovic scoring one of this seven goals (Image: IFF)

The group phase is over and today, the playoffs have started. Since all teams have now played the same amount of games (three), we can have another look at the top scorers!

Michal Dudovic is on top with sixteen points after three games. A top class performance, although it has to be said Slovakia was in a group with Singapore, Canada and Japan. Adam Delong is the current runner-up. The 22-year-old has played strong games against Switzerland and Germany (two hattricks) and made it to ten points in total already.

Three more Slovakian players are among the top ten: Filip Conka-Skyba, Lukas Ujhelyi and Ladislav Gal. In between, at fourth place, is Alexander Galante Carlström, mostly thanks to his seven points (five goals!) against Denmark yesterday. Kim Nilsson scored five points yesterday, which helped him to climb the top scorers ranking to eighth place.

The smaller countries fill in the remaining spots. Australia’s Daniel Gartner is at seventh place, Valtteri Viitakoski (Canada) at ninth place and Rickard Rydell from Estonia closes the list.

Scoring leaders

1.Michal DudovicSlovakia379160
2.Adam DelongCzech Republic373102
3.Filip Conka-SkybaSlovakia38190
4.Alexander Galante CarlstromSweden37290
5.Lukas UjhelyiSlovakia37180
6.Ladislav GalSlovakia35380
7.Daniel GartnerAustralia35382
8.Kim NilssonSweden36170
9.Valtteri ViitakoskiCanada35270
10.Rickard RydellEstonia35272


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