WFCQ 2018

Should the Top-4 join the WFCQ? Here is the IFF statement

Sweden broke a record against France by winning with 43-1. Good practice for France or wasted energy? Photo: IFF Flickr

Yesterday, we discussed the pros and cons of having the top-4 countries participate in the WFC qualifications. It was well read and gained lots of traction among the floorball communities worldwide. More importantly, it stirred up the ongoing discussion surrounding the WFC Qualifiers and whether the world’s best countries should take part in them with opinions divided across both camps.

We asked the IFF about the reasons behind the current system and we received the following statement from Secretary-General John Liljelund. We emphasized core passages:

“The objectives for the IFF to build the regional qualifications was to provide the possibility for all to play and learn from the best. As they, in the competition system, would otherwise not meet with them. There is also the question of financial equality between the countries participating in the WFC, as the smaller countries in the previous system had to take costs for two tournaments when the top teams had to pay only one. So the main reason was to enhance the game and avoid these results in the final tournament. The fact is that the development of the game is still fastest in the top countries and even if the other countries are developing fast, they are not yet able to close the gap, which is one of the main focuses of the IFF.

The IFF has been discussing the future of the qualifications already for some time and will run an analysis how to develop the qualifications during this year. The topic is up for the IFF General Assembly 2018 in December in Prague.”

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