Top 10: Top scorers of the Czech Open

The Czech Open is over with Falun as winner. Have you seen the highlights of the final already? Below, the ten top (point) scorers can be found!

10. Johannes Wilhelmsson (Höllvikens IBF) – 9 points (2+7) in 6 games (1,5/game)
9. Roni Laasonen (EräViikingit) – 9 points (6+3) in 6 games (1,5/game)
8. Daniel Persson (Höllvikens IBF) – 9 points (8+1) in 6 games (1,5/game)
7. Tom Ondrušek (Florbal Chodov) – 11 points (8+3) in 7 games (1,57/game)
6. Omar Aldeeb (Falun) – 12 points (5+7) in 8 games (1,5/game)
5. Rasmus Enström (Falun) – 12 points (7+5) in 8 games (1,5/game)
4. Andreas Stefansson (Pixbo Wallenstam) – 13 points (9+4) in 8 games (1,63/game)

Top 3

3. Christoffer Andersson (Höllvikens IBF) – 14 points (8+6) in 6 games (2,33/game)

Höllvikens 21-years-old Christoffer Andersson scored more than two points per game. This is a higher average than the number 2 on the list of top points scorers! (Image: Ludvig Thunman)

2. Emil Johansson (Falun) – 15 points (5+10) in 8 games (1,88/game)

Emil Johansson made it to the second place by giving 10 assists – most of all players! This number alone would have brought him to 8th place already, but add his five goals and you find the reason he’s the runner-up!

1. Alexander Galante Carlström (Falun) – 23 points (19+4) in 8 games (2,88/game)

It wasn’t the biggest surprise ACG won the top scoring title, but who could have thought he would find the net this often? 19 times, which brings him to 23 points in total!

All images used are from the Czech Open, unless stated otherwise.

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