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TOP-10 of the SSL point league after 6 rounds

After 6 rounds we take a close look at the point league of the SSL!

We see Dalen forward Alexander Hedlund leading the chart. Impressive, especially since in last season he gathered only 22 points in total which, at the current rate is something he will exceed in one of the next matches! Galante Carlström is right in his trail, however, and on his way to winning the point league. Noticeably, we are missing Storvreta in this list, the current champions and specifically Albin Sjögren, who won the point league in last season! Currently, he takes the 27th spot (3+6=9) which is ten places higher than floorball star Rasmus Enström who holds 8 points (4+4).

  1. Alexander Hedlund, Dalen
    16p (11+5), 5 games
  2. Alexander Galante Carlström, Falun
    15p (10+5), 5 games
  3. Andreas Lindholm, Helsingborg
    15p (3+12), 5 games
  4. Anton Vestlund, Mullsjö
    13p (9+4), 5 games
  5. Kim Nilsson, Kalmarsund
    13p (8+5), 5 games
  6. André Andersson, Växjö
    12p (6+6), 5 games
  7. Emil Johansson, Falun
    12p (4+8), 5 games
  8. Manuel Maurer, Växjö
    11p (6+5), 5 games
  9. Omar Aldeeb, Falun
    11p (5+6), 5 games
  10. Simon Jirebeck, Örebro
    11p (5+6), 6 games

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