Top 10 goalkeepers: Canadian goalie on first spot (B division)

Canada's Hunter Jones (Image: Michael Peter/IFF)

The U19 World Floorball Championships are over and Sweden (A division) and Latvia (B) won the tournaments.

Below you can find a list of the top 10 goalkeepers of the B division. Based on saving percentage, Hunter Jones is ranked the best goalkeeper. In four games, she made 49 saves: 96,07%! #8 Viktoria Weitgasser has made the most saves overall: 93! Her average is 18,6 saves/game. Anna Van Hercke didn’t make it to the top 10 as she has a saving rate of 79,87%. However, her amount of saves in total is astonishing: 123, more than thirty per game!

Goalkeeper Statistics: B-division

1.Hunter JonesCAN WU19449296.07
2.Barbara RabcevskaLAT WU19557395.00
3.Anna JudakHUN WU19546492.00
4.Elina JeigeLAT WU1959190.00
5.Rachel BertschingerNZL WU19456887.50
6.Anna RaczHUN WU19553985.48
7.Cassie TroyUSA WU19410283.33
8.Viktoria WeitgasserAUT WU195931983.03
9.Valentina StryginaRUS WU19530781.08
10.Veronika NekrasovaRUS WU195481280.00


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