Top 10 goalies – But where is world champion Sweden?

Goalkeepers Ira Moilanen (31) and Elsi Kangasharju (30) (Image: Claudio Thoma/IFF)

Here’s the top 10 goalkeepers (based on saving percentage) of the A division.

Finland’s Ira Moilanen made it to the #1 spot with her 93,33% saving rate. However, biggest question can be: where are the Swedish goalkeepers? At sixth place, we find Cornelia Palmer with 81,81%. Elin Rosen, Sweden’s #2 goalkeeper, isn’t even on the list (71,42%). An explanation can, of course, be that the Swedish defense blocked many shots, giving the goalkeepers less chance to increase their savings rate.

Based on total shots, Julia Bran (Germany) tops the list with hundred saves (25/game). She’s the #4 on the list below.

Goalkeeper Statistics: A-division

1.Ira MoilanenFIN WU19514193.33
2.Livia WerzSUI WU19423292.00
3.Elsi KangasharjuFIN WU195821287.23
4.Julia BranGER WU1941001785.47
5.Ladina TondurySUI WU194601382.19
6.Cornelia PalmerSWE WU19527681.81
7.Petra KleckovaCZE WU19517480.95
8.Pavlina FarulovaSVK WU19432880.00
9.Magdalena MichaliszynPOL WU19535979.54
10.Patrycja BernackaPOL WU195621778.48


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