Czech Open

Tomas Kafka “Last Czech Open was very successful for us but I’m afraid for this year. We got a very hard group”

The most successful club in Czech floorball history, Tatran Střešovice, won the bronze medal at the Czech Open 2016. The team full of young players (e.g. Marek Beneš, Ondřej Němeček, Ondřej Vítovec) surprised everybody with its achievement. But this year could be worse.

Tatran head coach Ludek Benes wants to get the best by his team during the pre-season. “Summer training has started earlier than before. This year the start was in half of May. We train with experienced fitness coach Martin Košťál and he knows what we need”, legendary goalkeeper Tomáš Kafka comments to Floorballtoday. Part of the pre-season is making sure the players have enough endurance when the normal starts. For Tatran’s players the many hills in the area offer a great, but tiring, opportunity: “I’m very happy that Czech Open is coming so early because that means the end of this part of the preparation,“ Kafka smiles.

Last Czech Open was very successful for us but I’m afraid for this year. We got a very hard group” the goalkeeper continues. And he is right. In the group are current Swiss champions Wiler-Ersigen, the Swedish Pixbo Wallenstam and the Czech team Panthers Otrokovice. „Panthers may seem an easy opponent but our games with them are very balanced”, Kafka says about his rivals.

Although Tatran is facing a demanding group, preparation for the tournament will start just before the tournament. “Our players know how Pixbo or Wiler-Ersigen play and Panthers are our traditional league rival,“ Kafka says. As he said, Tatran wants to play quarterfinal and everything else is a bonus. But get to quarterfinal will be very difficult. „We have very young team, who need to play against top teams like Falun, Wiler, and more“, he concludes.

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