Time for the Swedish semifinals! What to expect

The Swedish quarterfinals have all been tied up! Big favorites Storvreta and Falun cleaved their way to the semifinals relatively easy: both swept away their opponent in four games and were the first to qualify for the next round. Reigning champions Storvreta played Sirius in an Uppsala super derby while Falun dealt with Pixbo to qualify one day after Storvreta did. However, the other two series proved to offer more excitement. The quarterfinals between Linköping and Dalen had a surprising outcome – in no less than 5 matches Dalen sent home favorites Linköping but the highlight of the quarterfinals was definitely the series between Mullsjö and Växjö which was decided in the very last game in which Mullsjö drew the longest straw. After a break (for some teams shorter than others), the semifinals will start on Monday 8 April and this is what we can expect. Both semifinals are best-of-7.

Dalen and Storvreta in 2016 (Per Lindberg)

Semifinals 1: Storvreta – Dalen

Storvreta will meet Dalen in the semifinals. For Dalen this will be the first semifinals since the 15/16 season when they were defeated by Linköping with 4-2 in games. After defeating Linköping, Dalen will be facing an even tougher opponent who will definitely be looking to test their defense even more: Storvreta. The last time Storvreta and Dalen faced each other in the play-offs was in the 16/17 season when Storvreta made it to the semifinals at the cost of Dalen (4-1 in games). During the regular season Dalen managed to take one game against Storvreta (10-6) but had to concede twice (6-9, 4-7).

Match dates + times:

Monday 8 April – 19.00
Wednesday 10 April – 19.00
Friday 12 April – 18.30
Monday 15 April – 19.00
Wednesday 17 April – 19.00
Friday 19 April – 15.00
Sunday 21 April – 16.00

Falun are favorites to make it to the finals (Per Wiklund)

Semifinals 2: Falun – Mullsjö

Another big semifinals in which Falun will try to make it to the finals for the third time in a row. However, they will meet incredibly tough resistance in Mullsjö. Mullsjö had a good season and definitely found their peak towards the end of the season and in the quarterfinals in which they defeated a very strong Växjö. We will see soon enough whether it’s possible for Mullsjö to bring the same explosiveness that characterized their quarterfinals series but if they do, it will make for one of the roughest and stormiest series we can possibly wish for. The teams met twice in regular season and each team took won win. Falun took the first win (15-5) while Mullsjö took the second game home (7-4).

Match dates + times:

Tuesday 9 April – 18.30
Thursday 11 April – 19.00
Saturday 13 April – 20.00
Tuesday 16 April – 19.00
Thursday 18 April – 18.30
Saturday 20 April – 15.00
Monday 22 April – 19.00

The matches can be watched live on SSLPlay.se or check out the highlights on floorballtoday.com.

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