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Tim Braillard about his choice: “With Mullsjö it’s more realistic to win the Swedish Championships”

Picture by Alligator Malans

Earlier today, news came out that Switzerland’s merited center Tim Braillard will play in Sweden for Mullsjö AIS. Time for an interview with NLA Player of the Season 16/17! 

With how many Swedish clubs have you negotiated?
“First I was negotiating with Dalen, who I also visited myself during last summer. Then Pixbo was added to the list, who I also visited. Probably due to media-attention of my visit to Sweden, Växjö, Mullsjö, and Helsingborg also showed their interest but with Växjö and Helsingborg I didn’t follow through. After a while, Dalen also fell off the list. On one hand, because the club is located so far north, what would have meant long journeys, and on the other hand, I wouldn’t be a great fit for their playing system. In the end, the choice was between Pixbo and Mullsjö”.

Why did you choose Mullsjö in the end?
“Mostly from a sports perspective. With Mullsjö it’s more realistic to win the Swedish Championships and that was important to me. In addition, various people (including former Alligator defender Mattias Larsson and national team coach David Jansson) advised me to join the club. Especially since the game system is similar to Alligator.”

How did your environment react to the transfer?
“Most of them are really happy for me. Of course, there is some disappointment I leave. But there was a lot of support from the club and the sports director.”

At the start of the season you suffered from back problems and you were forced to take a break lasting several months. Do you feel fit right now?
“Yes, that was an important requirement for the change. I was already in Sweden last year in August and I knew that the back was not quite as it should be. That’s why a transfer didn’t have a priority for me. It’s really hard to find medical care like Malans, especially abroad. That’s why I made my definitive decision to go to Sweden at the end of the 2017/2018 season when I knew my back was holding. Only then did I negotiate more intensively with interested parties.”

How difficult is it for you to leave Alligator Malans?
“Really difficult. There are so many nice people in and around the team. However, I have signed and I am looking forward to the adventure. On the other hand, I now have only three months left in Switzerland and try to use this time as well as possible. That’s why I’ll do most of the summer training with Alligator.”

Apart from floorball, what do your plans look like in Sweden?
“I have been studying Sports Management at the HTW Chur and I can continue the same studies in Sweden. In addition, I want to work a couple of hours a week. Where or what is still unknown. Anyway, I’m learning Swedish so I will have a good chance of finding a job. And when I’m lucky, it will have something to do with Sports Management.”

Source: Alligator Malans

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