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Thoughts and notes from the game between Sweden and Norway

Some notes and thoughts from the group stage game between Sweden and Norway, a game which was easily won by Sweden.

First line – like in Sweden’s match on Saturday against Finland, it was the first line that delivered and showed incredible routine while they passed around Norwegian defense. It’s no coincidence that the first line contains 4 players from the same team (Falun): Jonas Adriansson, Emil Johansson, Rasmus Enström and Alexander Galante Carlström (completed by Mullsjö’s Kasper Hedlund who in this line never seems out of place).

SSL – Norway’s key players this game are (not coincidentally) from the SSL. Örebro Center Markus Lindgjerdet was a beacon of (relative) calm in the first line while veterans Ketil Kronberg and captain Daniel Gidske carried the second line.

Albin Sjögren and Simon Palmén – finally have their first WFC goal. Kudos to Jonas Svahn (MVP) for delivering two great assists to Sjögren. Simon Palmén played an excellent game. However, the question remains: how much can they do against stronger teams?

Changes – the first line forward trio (in the first part of the game) consisted of Jonas Adriansson (center) together with Rasmus Enström and Alexander Galante Carlström. Adriansson was swapped with Alexander Rudd who moved from forward in the second line to center in the first line. I felt the pace of the game went down so I didn’t like it. Rasmus Sundstedt took the place of Rudd in the second line but here I felt Sundstedt was a bit out of place, too. It was a nice test but let’s stick to what we had.

Mans Parsjo-Tegner – can we feel sorry for him? Almost kept the zero on his WFC debut match but was denied the pleasure 4 seconds before time.

Unrelated – Media people like me are taken care for extremely well by the organization. There is always a table of food with fresh sandwiches, fruits, cookies, chocolate and candies and an unlimited supply of coffee. Completely unrelated but worth mentioning.

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