Swedish Superligan

Thorengruppen surprises Dalen and claims third victory of the season

Image: Per Wiklund

In an energetic back-and-forth game, Thorengruppen surprised Dalen and booked its third victory of the season: 10-5.

In the first period, it was Dalen that opened the score. Patrik Rokka started the offense and brought the ball to Sebastian Degeryd, who returned it and saw his pass become an assist: 0-1. Thorengruppen, currently at last place in the SSL ranking, straightened its back and scored three times within two minutes. First, Adam Berglund’s shot from distance became the equalizing 1-1, followed by Thorengruppen’s second goal directly after the bully, when Adam Hansson’s fine pass made it relatively easy for Peter Reinholdt to put the ball in the top left corner: 2-1! Things got even worse for Dalen as a quick counter ended up in 3-1 when Rasmus Andersson found the top left corner.

Five seconds into the second period was all it took Thorengruppen to score again. Dalen hadn’t even touched the ball, but gave Daniel Hernandez too much space for his shot from halfway the field. The crowd went wild when the lead even got increased to 5-1: goalkeeper Måns Parsjö-Tegnér thought he could kick away a long pass, but Stefan Lindberg-Dellsand got in between and snatched the ball, volleying it in the empty goal. What followed was captain Ketil Kronberg showing his class when he gave a wonderful cross pass, scored by Mattis Ljunggren. However, 19-year-old Linus Holmgren put his team in a 6-2 lead (the perfect counter gave Parsjö-Tegnér no chance), but right before the break, Dalen scored twice: Rokka in powerplay and Alexander Hedlund with a fast shot. As Holmgren scored again at 39.59, the score at rest was 7-4.

Three minutes into the last period, Thorengruppen put the score at 8-4 when Lindberg-Dellsand scored his second goal. Within seconds Dalen reacted: Kronberg was left free in the slot and had plenty of time to find the net and decrease the gap to three again. The time was ticking and Dalen, currently at 8th place (the lowest playoff spot), had probably been counting on three points today. However, as the team pushed up, it gave away space for more counters, but without any results yet. The energetic teams put on quite a show, but as the tension rose, the frustration grew and the number of goals decreased. In powerplay, Thorengruppen couldn’t find the net, but they did when Dalen took out its goalie (with a couple of minutes left). First Holmgren finished his hattrick (empty net), followed by the last goal of the game: Hernandez scored his seventh point (2+5), assisted by goalkeeper Andreas Ansnes Falkeid.

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