This is what happened in Division B on U19 WFC Day 1 | Recap & highlights

The Division B of the U19 WFC holds all the teams aiming for the coveted promotion to the Division A which only one team will manage on Sunday.

Group C

Russia – Japan 7-6 (highlights)
Russia and Japan turned out to be fairly equally matched teams that gave everything to turn their first game into a victory. Although Japan never had the lead, the Asians turned out to be a thorn in the flesh for the Russians. Russia had the initiative throughout the game, but saw Japan come back from a 7-3 deficit with ten minutes to play to 7-6 with 45 seconds on the clock. Japan gave everything, but was unable to finish next to the Russians.

Poland – USA 10-3 (highlights)
Poland did what it had to do in their first match and fulfilled their role as a favourite. In fact, the game was settled after the earlier period when the team was 4-1 ahead, which was doubled to 8-2, twenty minutes later.

Group D

Slovenia – New Zealand 14-2 (highlights)
The battle between Slovenia and New Zealand was more one-sided. During this match the public could enjoy the Slovenian sniper Martin Gombac who not only scored four times, but also gave an assistant and led his team to a well-deserved victory.

Germany – Canada 19-9 (highlights)
Germany against Canada was a very entertaining clash between two teams that gave everything to provide the audience with sixty minutes of wonderfully attractive floorball. Even though it soon became clear that Germany was the better team today, this didn’t stop Canada from giving everything for people and country. With a total of 28 goals, this match was a feast for the eyes and never bored.


Group C
Group D

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