20 September 2019
Finland-Sweden Challenge

This is the Swedish women line-up for the Finland-Sweden Challenge

18 players have been summoned to represent the Swedish ladies team during the Finland-Sweden Challenge which will be played 30 August until 2 September. No idea what the Finland-Sweden Challenge is? Check out this article!


Amanda Hill KAIS Mora IF
Sophia Lundmark Endre IF

Elin Björkman Västerås Rönnby IBK
Stephanie Boberg Endre IF
Cornelia Fjellstedt IKSU
Johanna Hultgren KAIS Mora IF
Sofia Joelsson IKSU
Amanda Johansson Delgado IKSU
Isabell Krantz Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
Klara Molin IK Sirius FBC
Linnéa Nilsson Västerås Rönnby IBK
Ellen Rasmussen Malmö FBC
Sara Steen Endre IF
Gabriella Strandberg Jönköpings IK
Ida Sundberg Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
Emelie Wibron IKSU
Anna Wijk KAIS Mora IF
Anna Wiman Västerås Rönnby IBK

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