WFC 2018

This is Latvia’s extended WFC2018 selection

The WFC2018 is getting closer with each passing day and right now the biggest floorball event is only 3 weeks ago (1-9 December). More and more countries have made their selection public. For example, yesterday Finland published their selection – including Mika Kohonen. Today, the Latvian Floorball Union announced their extended selection which will be later trimmed down.

Janis Salcevics, Lielvarde
Ivars Disereits, Ulbroka
Janis Bramanis, Kekava
Roberts Trepss, Rubene

Morics Krumins, Nokian KrP (Finland)
Janis Rajeckis, Lekrings
Arturs Jursevskis, Pargauja
Karlis Janis Petrovskis, Ulbroka
Uldis Dunins, Lielvarde
Gatis Liepins, Valmiera

Ingars Matisons, Rubene
Edzus Cerins, Ulbroka
Atis Blinds, Ulbroka
Aleksandrs Abramovs, Lekrings
Gvido Lauga, Pargauja
Toms Bitmanis, Talsu NSS/Krauzers
Klavs Jansons, Kekava
Juris Gribusts, Lielvarde
Atis Stepans, Rubene
Toms Akmenlauks, Lielvarde
Artis Raitums, Talsu NSS/Krauzers
Peteris Trekse, Lekrings
Andris Rajeckis, Floorball Thurgau (Switzerland)
Mihails Kostusevs, Kursi/Ekovalis
Rolands Kovalevskis, Ulbroka
Janis Ragovskis, Talsu NSS/Krauzers
Reinis Mirkss, Rubene
Edgars Purins, Pargauja
Martins Broks, Valmiera
Lauris Alvis Stiprais, Valmiera

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