22 November 2019
Floorball Life

This is how your organize your own soap floorball tournament – tips from the expert

If you are, like us, soaper excited, then chances are you are thinking about organizing your own soapy floorball fest. Some advice from Alexander Backlund, who organized the soap tournament whose video went viral with over 5 million views.


It’s not that hard to organize a soap tournament yourself, according to Alexander. What you need is:

  1. A big sheet of tarpaulin
  2. Floorball sticks
  3. Two goals
  4. Water
  5. A lot of soap


Apart from common sense (i.e. don’t punch a player in the face), there are only two rules that Alexander enforces during a soap tournament. The first rule is that you cannot touch the ball with your hands, the other that you cannot throw your stick. That means if people want to jump, go ahead.


For those who feel the variant may be unsafe, some calming words from the organizer: “We haven’t had any serious injuries yet. Last year a player got a stick smashed to his head and started to bleed but that’s it.”  Just make sure people play for fun and not to win and it should be okay.

Interested in a soap floorball tournament? Join the world’s first soap floorball tournament Håsjösåpan. Follow the Facebook event and like their Facebook page

Organizing at your own risk. FloorballToday takes no responsibility for any damages/injuries coming from your self-organized soap floorball tournament.

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