Czech Superliga

This is how the SSL coaches think the league will end

Photo: Czech Open

Less than a week for the SSL to start as the first game will already be played next week on Wednesday. All coaches were asked and this how THEY think the SSL regular season will finish!

Do you agree?

  1. Storvreta IBK
  2. IBF Falun
  3. Linköping IBK
  4. Mullsjö AIS
  5. Växjö IBK
  6. Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
  7. IBK Dalen
  8. FBC Kalmarsund
  9. Jönköpings IK
  10. FC Helsingborg
  11. Höllvikens >IBF
  12. IK Sirius IBK
  13. Lindås IBK
  14. IBF Örebro

Source: SIBF

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