Swiss National League A

Third consecutive victory for Wiler against Rychenberg in hunt for Superfinal spot

Image: Claudio Thoma

Three games played, three games won – that’s how Wiler-Ersigen is doing right now in the semifinals of the Swiss playoffs. Yesterday’s third game against Rychenberg-Winterthur resulted in a big score: 7-1.

During the two previous games, Rychenberg could find the net only once. Game #1 ended up with a 3-0 score, while the score after sixty minutes in the second quarterfinal match stood at 5-1. The third game started off great for Rychenberg as Rasmus Sundstedt scored within the first three minutes already. However, Wiler-Ersigen equalized before the break and slowly took over the game during the second period with two more goals (3-1).

Rychenberg had to put more risk in its play, but within the first five minutes of the last period, Wiler closed the game when forward Joel Krähenbühl scored twice (5-1). With two more goals, Wiler-Ersigen put some more salt in the wound: 7-1.

The current score in this best-of-7 series is 3-0 in Wiler’s favor. On April 7th the fourth game will be played. Rychenberg has to win all remaining games in order to make it to the Superfinal.


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