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The group stage of the U19 WFC is over, so today will be filled with semifinals, both in division A and B. Here’s what you can expect!

The semifinals in division A are between the Czech Republic – Switzerland and Finland – Sweden (which was the final in the U19 WFC 2017). The Czechs play a strong tournament so far with three consecutive victories. They’re the favorite in this game against Switzerland, but of course, anything’s possible. The ranking battles from the A division are the ones between Latvia – Slovakia (5th place) and Denmark – Norway (7th place). Denmark and Norway don’t just fight for the seventh place, but also for a prolonged stay in this division, as #8 from division A automatically relegates to division B.

In division B, it works the other way around: the winner will be promoted. There are still four countries that have a shot at this: Russia – Slovenia (semifinal 1) and Germany – Poland (semifinal 2). Next to those two games, there are the ranking matches for 13th place (USA – Canada) and 15th place (New Zealand – Japan).

Full schedule (CET)

15:00 Latvia vs. Slovakia (ranking game 5th place)
15:00 New Zealand vs. Japan (ranking game 15th place)
18:00 Czech Republic vs. Switzerland (SF Div. A)
18:00 Russia vs. Slovenia (SF Div. B)
21:00 Finland vs. Sweden (SF Div. A)
21:00 Germany vs. Poland (SF Div. B)
0:00 Denmark vs. Norway (ranking game 7th place)
0:00 USA vs. Canada (ranking game 13th place)

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