These NEW rules became valid a week ago – do you know all of them?

Photo: IFF Flickr

Every four years a new edition of the rulebook is introduced by the International Floorball Federation. The last time was in 2014, where the foot pass was introduced. This year, 2018, another update was made and a couple of important rules were changed or added to floorball. The most notable changes regard the penalty shot, a new activity rule, and the deletion of a two-minute penalty after a penalty shot. 

  • When a player is performing the penalty shot, the ball does not have to be in a forward movement all the time. The key issue is that either the player or the ball moves forward.
  • One big change is that when a penalty shot is given due to an offense during the game, there will not be any two minutes penalty anymore. Only the penalty shot and regardless if a goal is scored or not, no two minutes penalty given. Five minutes bench penalties are still given in conjunction with the penalty shot if there’s an offense, which leads to five minutes penalty according to the rules.
  • The so-called activity rule means that the teams are not allowed to play the ball behind their own goal unless there’s a pressure from the opposing team. The referees first remind the team to play actively and if the team still keeps on playing behind their own goal, a free hit is awarded to the other team based on the rule of delaying the game.

The new rules take effect in all games from the 1st of July 2018 on without any exceptions. The new rules can be found here

Source: IFF

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