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These are the quarter finals pairings of the Salibandyliiga 18/19

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The quarter finals pairs of the Salibandyliiga 18/19 are picked. Unlike other leagues, where the #1 is automatically paired with the #8, #2 with #7, etc., in Finland’s highest league, the team that wins the regular season can pick any team from the #5-8, followed by the #2, etc.

The teams were announced in a streamed press conference on Monday morning 4 March. These are the pairings:

Classic (1) – Indians (7)
SPV (2) – EräViikingit (6)
TPS (3) – Nokian KrP (8)
Happee (4) – Oilers (5)

Interestingly, leaderboard winner Classic did not pick Nokian KrP but picked Westend Indians instead. SPV made the choice of picking EräViikingit instead of Nokian KrP, which was most likely influenced by the results vs the two teams in regular season. Against EräViikingit, SPV won twice (5-3 and 9-2) while the players suffered two losses against Nokian KrP (6-9 and 8-9 in overtime).

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